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The Music of David Silberman

As a film composer and arranger, I have had the honor of directing members of the Louisville Orchestra to bring drama to life in videos and motion pictures I have scored. Equipped with the latest production tools, I have the ability to add a rich, new dimension to my projects, thereby ensuring a pleasant experience for the viewer.

In addition, as president of my own privately held corporation, Music By Design, Inc., I have assumed the role of project leader and editor for hundreds of commercial music publications, from college texts and method books to concert band and orchestral scores. In 1996, one of these publications, a folio entitled “Q’s Jook Joint,” by Quincy Jones, which I engraved for Warner Bros. Publications, was awarded the 1996 First Prize recipient of the distinguished Music Publishers’ Association PAUL REVERE AWARDS for Graphic Excellence in the category of Folios (Popular editions).

In closing, it is my devotion and commitment to my work, my versatility expressed through many skills and talents, and my drive to achieve excellence that will become the qualities to mark my identity throughout my career as a film composer and arranger.

Contact David Silberman at musicdsign@gmail.com or call (502) 930-2528
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